Denendeh Investments Incorporated enters distribution agreement with Alberta company Environmental Air Cleaning Ltd.

DENENDEH INVESTMENTS INCORPORATED enters distribution agreement with Alberta company Environmental Air Cleaning Ltd.

Yellowknife, NT (January 24, 2022) — Denendeh Investments Incorporated (DII) has entered into an agreement with an Alberta company, Environmental Air Cleaning Ltd. (EAC) to sell and distribute the Pyure Dynamic Protection® products manufactured by The Pyure Company.

Pyure delivers a hydroxyl-based air purification technology that effectively treats viruses, bacteria, odours and mould, including the COVID-19 virus. “Pyure’s innovative patented technology replicates the way sunlight sanitizes the outdoor environment by safely generating and diffusing hydroxyls and organic oxidants indoors. Hydroxyls are a natural oxidant and the most important cleansing agent in our outdoor environment. Hydroxyls do not exist naturally indoors,” said EAC President Tom Charlton. The technology is deployed through indoor air but also treats hard and porous surfaces. The portable technology safely sanitizes confined air spaces and can be scaled to effectively treat large areas through HVAC integration. EAC has 11 treatment models offering the ability to treat a single room to the largest facility. PYURE has been an indoor air quality leader for 15 years and is rapidly expanding to 13 countries. Hydroxyl Technology is quickly displacing limited traditional air and surface purification and sanitization solutions due to the natural treatment action, proven efficacy, and energy efficiency keeping outdoor air to ASHRAE® requirements.

PYURE’s MDU/Rx™ product is registered with the FDA as a class II medical device. PYURE announced in a recent press release that Innovative Bioanalysis, a U.S. certified, biosafety level 3 laboratory located in California, demonstrated that the PYURE MDU/Rx™ sanitizer reduced airborne SARS-CoV-2 by 99% in 20 minutes and that it was no longer detected in the air after 80 minutes. The US study also showed that on surfaces, the PYURE MDU/Rx™ sanitizer reduced the virus by 99% in one hour and it was no longer detected on surfaces after three hours. Pyure President, Jeremy Peterson, stated, “We are very pleased to have this agreement with DII to build healthier environments to the Indigenous communities and to all DII clients.”
“This is a new area of business for DII,” said Darrell Beaulieu, CEO of Denendeh Group of Companies. “It is our hope that this product improves the safety and health of our buildings and people in this era of pandemics and epidemics, especially in our schools and large institutions where people traditionally gather.”

DII is the general partner for Denendeh Investments Limited Partnership, with units held by the Dene First Nations of the NWT, established by Denendeh Development Corporation in 2007 to create long term economic self-sufficiency for the Dene by engaging in profitable business ventures.

EAC is a private Alberta company and is the Western and Northern Canada distributor for Pyure. PYURE is a private U.S. company that manufactures and markets commercial air purifiers.

PYURE products safely sanitize indoor air and surfaces, delivering dynamic pathogen protection and improved air quality.

For media inquires, contact:

Darrell Beaulieu, CEO, DII Tom Charlton, President, EAC
780-665-5052 403-253-3112 (ext. 2)
867-445-9109 (cell) 403-818-6440 (cell)